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Saddle Stiching

Specifications are used as a general guideline. Please contact our estimating department for current specs and layouts based on your project.

This is a method of securing loose printed pages with staples down the middle of a folded sheaf of papers. Many booklets are saddled-stitched. Side-stitching is a similar method where the pages are stapled about 1/4" from the spine.

6 pockets with cover
Digest book-2 up
Calendar punch of 1/8� and 3/16�
Inline ink jetting, clip sealing
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Book type Minimum Size Maximum Size Max Face Trim
1 up 3.5� x 4.75� 12.1875� x 18.5�  
2 up 2 x 3.9375� spine x 3.5� width 2 x 9.375� spine x 12.125� width  

Other services can be done inline to complete your project.
Hole Punching, Personalised Ink Jetting, Addressing, Clip Sealing, Gluing, Postal Sorting

Saddle Stiching



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