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Clip-sealing - wraf seal

Specifications are used as a general guideline. Please contact our estimating department for current specs and layouts based on your project.

Tabbing closures themselves can be round or square, clear, translucent or opaque, paper or plastic. They are applied with a tabber machine using a specially designed labeling head which feeds out the tab onto the top half of the piece, applying it so that half of it is stuck to the top. The piece then goes through a simple but effective plow-folding device, which folds the tab around the side of the piece and then uses rollers and belts on the top and bottom to ensure that the tab is properly affixed to both sides. The tabbing head is very accurate for placement of the tabs, and very fast. If the piece is long, and one tab is not sufficient to keep it closed, you can select to have two or even three tabs applied to a piece!

Inner Core ID Label Width Label Length Roll diameter OD Max Roll Weight
3� 5� maximum 0.5� to 7� 19.75� N/A

Clip-sealing - wraf seal

Clip Sealer

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